We are the sustainable racing team.

The exercising trend has never been stronger.
Unfortunately, outdoor activity can lead to increased consumption, unnecessary traveling and therefore greater demands on race organizers regarding waste management. When racing in nature leads to a greater ecological footprint, we’re in some serious trouble.

Sustainable Racing Team, a non-profit sports club, are convinced that it’s fully possible to combine sustainability with an active lifestyle.

Sustainable racing team´s values are:

  • Sustainable exercise with minimal impact on the environment
    -       continuous training
    -       the only bad workout is the one you didn´t do
    -       varying your training
    -       making environmentally friendly choices regarding; clothes,                 equipment, travels, hygiene products etc
    -       choosing healthy food
    -       choosing climate friendly food
    -       balance between exercise – rest – food

  •  All good choices count

  • A healthy outside starts from the inside
  • Spread the word – inspire others

Do you agree with us? Yeah, that´s what we thought. Join us! Now!

As a member of the team you’ll get offers from our partners and most importantly; you’ll be part of a fun, adventurous and important movement.   

The ambassadors of the Sustainable Racing Team will prove it’s possible to combine sustainability with an active lifestyle. The ambassadors participate in  competitions and adventures. They are the Sustainable Racing Team´s spokespersons and role models. Next time you sign up for a race, do it in the name of Sustainable Racing Team.

Sustainable Racing Team also functions as a fundraising engine for environmental projects.

Join us now!

We believe It must be possible to combine a healthy and a sustainable lifestyle. Do you?
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