Öland is Sweden's second largest island of about 137 km and the smallest province. Öland is located in the Baltic Sea east of Småland, from which it is separated by the Kalmar Strait. The island is since 1972 connected to the mainland through the Öland bridge.

Many boats were hit in the past by groundings along the Öland coast. Therefore came about 1720-25 a proposal for the construction of lighthouses on the southern and northern cape.

The lighthouse on southern Öland was named Lange Jan. The lighthouse is now 41.6 meters, making it Sweden's tallest lighthouse. The range of visibility is 26 nautical miles.

The lighthouse on northern Öland was named Lange Erik. A white stone tower on a gray foundation. The lighthouse has been in operation since 1845. The height is 36 meters and the range of visibility is 14 nautical miles.

Many have visited Öland lighthouses which are famous attractions for tourists, but few people have been running between the lighthouses. 

Members from Sustainable Racing Team will in spring 2016 run between the lighthouses during an unforgettable adventure through Öland's beautiful nature. We start with our hands on the lighthouse in the south and stops when our hands touches the lighthouse in the north


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