Öloppet is the world’s most unique swimrun race and caters to elite athletes as well as regular exercisers. In teams of two the participants compete by running over and swim between the islands along the race course. The race is located in the archipelago of Gothenburg (Sweden) and the participants are offered two different race distances, Öloppet (40 Km) and Öloppet Sprint (20 Km). The set race course runs along the island’s paths, beaches, rocks and roads and participants are guaranteed a unique and magnificent nature experience far beyond the ordinary. A total of 800 teams will start the race at 10:00/12:00 am the 6th of August. The teams will finish the two different race distances on times between 3 to 8 hours, and they will cross the finish line on Styrsö were a great audience is waiting for them!

Read more: www.oloppet.se

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