Ölandsrundanis a challenge that everyone is capable of - big or small. The race started in 1968, 48 years ago, and is getting more and more popular.
The explanation is simple. You ride through the wonderful nature of Öland. You will experience Alvaret with all its scents and sights, but also the whole southern Öland with fields, pastures and meadows. In many places, you can also look out over Kalmar Sund and the Baltic Sea.
In addition, you decide how far you want to cycle. The shortest distance is 3,5 mil and the longest 12 mil and will take you all the way to the southern tip of Öland with Long Jan, and the road back to Färjestaden.

Read more: http://www6.idrottonline.se/FarjestadensMotionsIF-Skidor/Cykel/Olandsrundan/

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