DreamHack is a digital festival that provides events in eSport, lectures from game developers, exhibitions, LAN and much more.

During the three days that DreamHack Winter 2014 was in progress, it was visited by         104 000 people and over 15 million followed the live broadcasts.

Important concepts for the generations Y and Z are sustainability, functionality and health. (Generation z= born between 1996 and 2012 Generation y= born between 1980-2000) These three key concepts are what the brand promise of Tetra Pak, Protects what´s good, is about. Tetra Pak has become a strategic partner to the world´s largest digital festival organizer to develop together with the future generations. To mediate these three key concepts Tetra Pak is the official supplier of water in a good package.

Tetra Pak and Sustainable Racing Team will together be there to convey a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

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DreamHack and Tetra Pak

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