The official Sport watch of the Sustainable racing team.

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Why is Houdini a partner with Sustainable racing team?

Houdini Sportswear is a Swedish company committed to keeping the great outdoors great and providing the gear to take you there. 
Houdini was found in 1993 and since that day they have had a progressive and uncompromising attitude to performance, style and sustainability.
Houdini believes the interaction between environment, ethics and economics are both obvious and necessary for them to be able to continue to exist successfully for many years. Their sustainability work has no time limit or restriction to certain collections, it's an ongoing process through the company.
Houdini has turned the majority of their products from a linear production cycle to a circular, where the products can be recycled in a closed loop system. To prolong the life of the products further and to be careful with resources Houdini have something they call their Re-projects where they offer repairs, second-hand, rental and recycling (Repair, Reuse, Clean, Recycle).
With a passionate, open-minded and determined mindset the Houdini team and friends continue doing good, playing hard, pushing boundaries and having fun, with the ultimate vision of enabling a "maximum experiences, zero impact" lifestyle.
This is why Houdini is a partner with Sustainable Racing Team. We share the same vision, an active lifestyle with zero impact to the environment.

HOUDINI – We have no sustainability work. Just a lot of work.

We do not view sustainability as a separate area within our operations – it is an integral part of everything we do. There is no inherent contradiction between sustainability and good business; on the contrary, sustainability is a prerequisite for good business. Nature is our most important resource. It is our livelihood and where we relax, play and feel good. We live on a fantastic planet, and we intend to do everything we can to save and improve it!


The Good Force. A force. For good

Sedan starten 2005 driver GodEl förändringen till en schysst elmarknad och har utsetts till Sveriges mest hållbara elbolag varje år 2010-2017. Elavtalen är rörliga, elen är alltid stämplad med Naturskyddsföreningens Bra Miljöval-märkning och kunderna är Sveriges nöjdaste elkunder enligt GodEl ägs av svenska stiftelsen GoodCause, som startar företag och låter vinsten gå till välgörande ändamål. Hittills har GodEl genererat över 50 miljoner kronor till ideella organisationer som Läkare utan gränser, Barncancerfonden och Naturskyddsföreningen.


Welcome to a better and more correct way of eating. What you eat can make a big difference to the environment and the climate. But also to yourself.
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WWF – Your echological footprint

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Rehband – strength hacks

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