A thin layer of fresh snow is on the ground and gives that lovely impression this cold January morning. The shoes are tied. The heart rate monitor has found its satellite. Everything is checked before the start.

The team members Jonas and Petra are ready for the first race this year. Sandsjöbacka trail 22km.

The race starts and happy trail runners set off through the woods. The course offers icy trails and many altitude meters. The course passes frozen bogs and frosty trees. Nature shows its beauty and it's not hard to want to do what you can to save our nature and our environment.

When your bad conscience tells you that you don´t always make smart environmental choices. Remember this is a start of awareness. You can act in a positive way for the environment. There is a lot in the saying: "Everyone can´t do everything but everyone can do something".

The race continues. When running down the slopes, it almost feels like off-piste skiing in the woods.

Att the finish line at Slottsskogsvallen we where greated with smiles and hot soup!

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