The number of people who exercise and understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle has never been bigger. The number of racing events continues to grow both in number of participants per race as well as the number of racing events.

The trend of healthy lifestyle, racing and exercise is unfortunately sometimes leading to increased consumption, an increase of traveling, more nights’ accommodation and greater demands on the race organizers’ management of waste.  It´s not a good thing if racing increases the ecological footprint.

We believe It must be possible to combine a healthy and a sustainable lifestyle. Do you?

Sustainable Racing Team is a team consisting of 7 members who will show it´s possible to combine a healthy lifestyle and racing with a sustainable lifestyle. We focus in 2016 on races and adventures in the Nordic Countries.

In 2016, the team conducts nearly 30 competitions as well as plans to implement several major adventures.

We have also created the Sustainable Racing Club. Sustainable Racing Club is a non-profit sport club for which all people who exercise can compete, if you share the values of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. As a member of the club you will get offers from our partners and while you race in the name of Sustainable racing club the club also will have a function of being a fundraising engine for environmental projects.


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