We are very proud and pleased to have POW as a partner of Sustainable Racing Team. POW stands for the same fundamental values as we do. A sustainable and healthy lifestyle is very important for both us and for POW, says Henrik M Lindgren, the team captain of Sustainable Racing Team.

The history about POW

The past decade has been the warmest on record, with 2015 the warmest year ever. Meanwhile, the northern hemisphere has already lost a million square miles of spring snowpack since 1970—an area the size of three Texases.  Snow levels are rising and winters are shorter. Climate change is already affecting winter.

By 2007, pro snowboarder Jeremy Jones found that more and more resorts he’d always counted on for good riding were closed due to lack of snow. Something was clearly going on, and he felt the need to act. But he couldn’t find any organizations focused on mobilizing the snowsports community on climate—there was a gap between the impacts that climate change was already having on our mountains, and any organized action being taken to address it. And so Jeremy founded Protect Our Winters.

Protect Our Winters Sweden is a nonprofit organization that works to mobilise snowsports community in the fight for the climate. POW Sweden do this by providing information and debate, research  and running campaigns. The goal is to achieve awareness of nature and make people to take greater responsibility for their climate impact, and actively affect other parts of the community in a sustainable direction. The organization is part of the global movement Protect Our Winters founded in the USA in 2007. Today POW, besides USA, are active in France, Austria, Finland, Norway and Sweden.


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