Husky is a MEDIA PARTNER of the SUSTAINABLE RACING TEAm. Husky is all about collecting stories.

Magnus Ormestad, the founder of Husky podcast, was sick and tired of his job and in desperate need of inspiration and some kind of meaning in his life. He made a desicion around New Years Eve 2012 that he wanted to create an own outdoor podcast and the name “Husky” came to his mind.

The pod quickly became famous and have taken him to Svalbard, to the mountains up north and to world class training centers in the jungles of Phuket. He has met olympic champions, adventurers, pioneers and inspiring people who at some point decided to follow the paths of their dreams. They live on their way up, or down, majestic mountains. They choose the depths of the oceans and they follow trails with no end. All Magnus does do is to collect their stories. 

– We are very proud and pleased to have Husky as a mediapartner of Sustainable Racing Team. Husky stands for the same fundamental values as we do. A sustainable and healthy lifestyle is very important for both us and for Husky, says Henrik M Lindgren, the team captain of Sustainable Racing Team.

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