Eat Forum 2017 was organized in Stockholm, this Monday and Tuesday. The EAT foundation’s ambition is to reform the global food system and enable us to feed a growing global population with healthy food from a healthy planet.

Sustainable Racing Team was there together with their partner Tetra Pak.
Sustainable Racing Team took a morning walk to pre-Eat together with the president of WWF, Yolanda Kakabadse Navarro. At pre-EAT there were discussions about sustainability and health between spokespersons from WWF, Ica, Lantmännen, EAT foundation and Tetra Pak Nordics. For example they discussed how to get customers to choose sustainable and healthy products.

Sustainable Racing Team also had a morning run/walk on Tuesday morning threw the inner-city of Stockholm.

After the run/walk we shoot a film for Tetra Pak together with Josefin Dahlberg. You can see the first of two films here

Helén together with the blogger, Josefin Dahlberg.   

Helén together with the blogger, Josefin Dahlberg.


Food can fix it!

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