Sustainable Racing Team webshop is now open

Sustainable Racing Team webshop is now open

Sustainable Racing Team webshop is now open!




We have chosen Houdini as our clothing partner. Houdini is a Swedish outdoor company founded in 1993 that offers a complete range of functional clothing, from underwear to shell garments. They want to help people experience more, perform better and have more fun without leaving any impact on the environment.

When Houdini design their products, sustainability and functionality always go hand-in-hand. Neither are of any value without considering the other. Houdini makes products for curious people with big hearts. People who love this planet as much as we do and therefore want to help protect it.

 When Houdini think about the future, they want to do more than simply not destroying our planet. They want to be a positive and regenerative force. That is the “beyond” and we are heading there together as fast as we can. See you there!

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Welcome Husky!

Welcome Husky!

Husky is a MEDIA PARTNER of the SUSTAINABLE RACING TEAm. Husky is all about collecting stories.

Magnus Ormestad, the founder of Husky podcast, was sick and tired of his job and in desperate need of inspiration and some kind of meaning in his life. He made a desicion around New Years Eve 2012 that he wanted to create an own outdoor podcast and the name “Husky” came to his mind.

The pod quickly became famous and have taken him to Svalbard, to the mountains up north and to world class training centers in the jungles of Phuket. He has met olympic champions, adventurers, pioneers and inspiring people who at some point decided to follow the paths of their dreams. They live on their way up, or down, majestic mountains. They choose the depths of the oceans and they follow trails with no end. All Magnus does do is to collect their stories. 

– We are very proud and pleased to have Husky as a mediapartner of Sustainable Racing Team. Husky stands for the same fundamental values as we do. A sustainable and healthy lifestyle is very important for both us and for Husky, says Henrik M Lindgren, the team captain of Sustainable Racing Team.

Read all about Husky podcast at:


Climate guided recipes

Climate guided recipes

ICA wants to help you reduce your carbon footprint in everyday life without reducing taste or the enjoyment of food. Sustainable Racing Team likes this.

The recipes that are good for the climate will be marked with one, two or three leaves symbolizing how good they are from a climate perspective. The calculations are based on a scientific method developed in cooperation with Chalmers University of Technology. According to a report by ICA it shows that 76 percent of the people asked want to learn more about living  in a way that have a low impact on the climate.

So far, about 1400 recipes are climate guided out of ICA's total of about 17,000 recipes. All new recipes will be climate calculated and a number of existing recipes will also be calculated and climate adapted during the year.

Read more on:!/lb//arkiv/pressmeddelandearkiv/2016/ica-forst-med-klimatguidade-recept/


One of our favourite recipes:

Spaghetti with mushrooms and root vegetable sauce, 4 servings

2 onions
2 cloves of garlic
2 carrots
300g celeriac
250g mushrooms

4 tablespoons olive oil
4 tablespoons tomato paste
1 teaspoon dried thyme
1 teaspoon dried rosemary
2 bay leaves
about 400 g of crushed tomatoes

2 vegetable bouillon cubes

4 cups water
salt and black pepper

1. Peel the onion, garlic, carrots and celery root. Cut it and the fungus into rough pieces. Mix everything in batches in a food processor to a coarse paste.
2. Brown the vegetables in olive oil in a casserole. Stir in the tomato puree and spices and let it fry for a minute. Add the crushed tomatoes, bouillon cubes and water. Boil gently for about 20 minutes. Flavour with salt and pepper.
3. Cook the spaghetti according to the instructions on the package.
4. Serve the spaghetti with mushroom and rotfruktssås.



Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

Our first trailer for Sustainable Racing Team is finally finished. It was recorded in Österlen, in the south of Sweden, during a couple of beautiful, but cold days. At the same time we also produced a lot of other material for our partners.

Making movies is more than what you see in the final result. It is a lot of waiting, settings of lights and sound, preparation, shooting and retakes. But it's fun! Look at the final result and take a moment to follow us behind the scenes.

The water was cold. Only 5 degrees. Brrr. 

It takes a crew to make a movie, even a small trailer like this.


The final result

Sustainable Racing Team and POW Sweden announce a partnership

Sustainable Racing Team and POW Sweden announce a partnership

We are very proud and pleased to have POW as a partner of Sustainable Racing Team. POW stands for the same fundamental values as we do. A sustainable and healthy lifestyle is very important for both us and for POW, says Henrik M Lindgren, the team captain of Sustainable Racing Team.

The history about POW

The past decade has been the warmest on record, with 2015 the warmest year ever. Meanwhile, the northern hemisphere has already lost a million square miles of spring snowpack since 1970—an area the size of three Texases.  Snow levels are rising and winters are shorter. Climate change is already affecting winter.

By 2007, pro snowboarder Jeremy Jones found that more and more resorts he’d always counted on for good riding were closed due to lack of snow. Something was clearly going on, and he felt the need to act. But he couldn’t find any organizations focused on mobilizing the snowsports community on climate—there was a gap between the impacts that climate change was already having on our mountains, and any organized action being taken to address it. And so Jeremy founded Protect Our Winters.

Protect Our Winters Sweden is a nonprofit organization that works to mobilise snowsports community in the fight for the climate. POW Sweden do this by providing information and debate, research  and running campaigns. The goal is to achieve awareness of nature and make people to take greater responsibility for their climate impact, and actively affect other parts of the community in a sustainable direction. The organization is part of the global movement Protect Our Winters founded in the USA in 2007. Today POW, besides USA, are active in France, Austria, Finland, Norway and Sweden.


Waste management at Sport events

Vasaloppet - The world´s oldest, longest and biggest ski race. Vasaloppet and Nattvasan 2017 are fully booked. Over 33 000 participants had registered for the Winter Week 2017 after one hour. Will you participate?

Vasaloppet has a rich history and tradition; hundreds of thousands of skiers have tackled the 90 km stretch from Sälen to Mora since the start in 1922. Rigorous training and careful preparation is needed to complete this 90 km challenge. It is a race with classic technique along a magical landscape.

The ski race Vasaloppet also bring greater demands on race organisers regarding management of waste. At the seven checkpoints you find water, sport drinks and other refreshments and the waste has to be taken care of properly. Did you know Vasaloppet recycle 11 tons of paper cups each winter?

Vasaloppet works in a committed and structural way to live up to their reputation as an environmental role model. Vasaloppet has received the distinction of “Environmental Award for Events” from Håll Sverige Rent every year since 2006. 

Above all they work on the transport of people and materials, which is the area in which a sporting event with tens of thousands of participants will have the largest environmental impact. Busses to the start sites, carpooling, and active work on the management of trash and waste are important components of Vasaloppet’s environmental efforts.

Some of Vasaloppets environmental commandments.

- What can a race organiser do for sustainability? 

1. Eco-labelled
All Vasaloppet arrangements are eco-labelled by the Håll Sverige Rent foundation. They’ve achieved this through good planning and by taking into account environmental concerns in their everyday work and decision-making. 

2. – better than on paper
Vasaloppet make double-sided copies to save paper and energy. For the same reason Vasaloppet refer more and more to the website and other digital media to avoid unnecessary printing. Vasaloppet also make sure to order an appropriate amount of printed materials to reduce waste.

3. Ecological blueberries in the soup
Vasaloppet likes to collaborate with companies that value environmental concerns. They strive to make sure their purchases are organic and as environmentally friendly as possible.

4. Less waste in Vasaloppet
Together with partners and suppliers Vasaloppet works to reduce and separate waste. The Vasalopps Arena is a nature reserve and therefore they urge their participants to throw their trash in the supplied refuse containers. During the Vasaloppet Winter Week Vasaloppet recycle about 11 tons of paper cups. In the long term they’re working towards a zero tolerance on littering in the Vasalopps Arena and 100 percent recycling. To achieve this it´s important that everyone helps.

5. Leave the car, take the bike
Vasaloppet is a sporting and exercise event. So why take the car? Walking, cycling or skiing is not only good for your health and the environment; it also saves money. If Vasaloppet need to travel they choose public transport and carpooling as often as possible. Vasaloppet encourage  participants to follow the organisers example.

6. Saving energy
By reducing electricity consumption Vasaloppet save money and help the environment. That’s why Vasaloppet switch off the lights when they leave and swap to energy-efficient options when lamps and machines need to be replaced. Vasaloppet constantly review the use of electricity at Vasaloppet’s buildings. Read more about Vasaloppet at

Don´t throw waste in nature.... if collected and sorted they can be recovered to help protect our environment.

Important steps before you throw something away; minimize - reuse - recycle - energy extract - deposit

Sweden - Tävling från Houdini #paywithpowder

Bild från

Bild från

Byt skidbilder mot Houdini-produkter i Houdinis stora Instagram-tävling.

Hur deltar jag?
Lägg upp dina bästa/roligaste/coolaste skid- eller snowboardbilder på Instagram och tagga med #paywithpowder och #houdinisportswear. Glöm inte att din profil måste vara “public” för att dina bilder ska synas. Klart. Nu är du med.

Vem vinner?
Fem vinnare väljs ut, publiceras i Houdinis kanaler och belönas med en valfri Houdini-produkt. Juryn består av fotografen Christian Åslund och Houdini-medarbetare. Den första vinnaren publiceras 21 januari, den andra 4 februari och 3 slutvinnare 24 februari. Följ #houdinisportswear för att se vinnarbilderna. Vinnarna kommer också att kontaktas direkt på deras Instagram-konto.

Vad behöver jag veta mer?
Med ditt samtycke äger Houdini rättigheten att använda vinnarbilderna i sociala media och annan markadsföring (oroa dig inte, vi kommer inte göra något dumt med bilderna). Priset kan inte bytas mot kontanter. Juryns beslut kan inte överklagas.

Frågor? Skicka ett e-mail till

Lycka till!

Denna tävling presenteras av Houdini Sportswear

Sandsjöbacka trail

A thin layer of fresh snow is on the ground and gives that lovely impression this cold January morning. The shoes are tied. The heart rate monitor has found its satellite. Everything is checked before the start.

The team members Jonas and Petra are ready for the first race this year. Sandsjöbacka trail 22km.

The race starts and happy trail runners set off through the woods. The course offers icy trails and many altitude meters. The course passes frozen bogs and frosty trees. Nature shows its beauty and it's not hard to want to do what you can to save our nature and our environment.

When your bad conscience tells you that you don´t always make smart environmental choices. Remember this is a start of awareness. You can act in a positive way for the environment. There is a lot in the saying: "Everyone can´t do everything but everyone can do something".

The race continues. When running down the slopes, it almost feels like off-piste skiing in the woods.

Att the finish line at Slottsskogsvallen we where greated with smiles and hot soup!

Försvarets hudsalva

Försvarets Hudsalva contains several moisturizing fats and are anhydrous. Försvarets Hudsalva moisturizes and softens dry, chapped and cracked skin on the lips, feet, elbows or other parts of the body. Försvarets hudsalva can also be used to prevent chafing. The cream has a scent of vanilla, providing an invisible layer of fat on the skin.
Contains tallow, beeswax and peanut oil.

Sustainable Racing team uses Försvarets Hudsalva

This news is presented together with Apoteket AB


We are the Sustainable Racing Team


The number of people who exercise and understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle has never been bigger. The number of racing events continues to grow both in number of participants per race as well as the number of racing events.

The trend of healthy lifestyle, racing and exercise is unfortunately sometimes leading to increased consumption, an increase of traveling, more nights’ accommodation and greater demands on the race organizers’ management of waste.  It´s not a good thing if racing increases the ecological footprint.

We believe It must be possible to combine a healthy and a sustainable lifestyle. Do you?

Sustainable Racing Team is a team consisting of 7 members who will show it´s possible to combine a healthy lifestyle and racing with a sustainable lifestyle. We focus in 2016 on races and adventures in the Nordic Countries.

In 2016, the team conducts nearly 30 competitions as well as plans to implement several major adventures.

We have also created the Sustainable Racing Club. Sustainable Racing Club is a non-profit sport club for which all people who exercise can compete, if you share the values of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. As a member of the club you will get offers from our partners and while you race in the name of Sustainable racing club the club also will have a function of being a fundraising engine for environmental projects.


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